V3 Hub Question - mass migration to a new hub

HELP ! - I live in SW Florida and had 6 feet of water in my ground floor due to hurricane IAN. My V3 hub is toast. I have over 100 devices that were being controlled by that hub (mostly light switches/motion detectors and dimmers - all z-wave). all of the devices are working and were not damaged by the flood. Is there an automated way to transition those devices from the non-working hub to the new v3 hub I purchased ? I should mention that approximately 20-25 devices are difficult to reach as they are 8 feet off of the floor on the ground floor. Ideas ?

There is no migration utility. (and when there was one briefly l, the source hub needed to exist.)

You’re looking at manual moves to a new hub unfortunately.

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Just a thought that may help.
Probably trash the power supply from your old wet V3 hub but open up the old wet V3 hub and carefully wash the components in clean water with a soft brush (toothbrush?).
Then repeat the cleaning process with ethyl alcohol and leave to dry for a day in a warm location.
Finally, tentatively try to power it up with the power supply from you new hub.
Please be careful around electricity (albeit low voltage in the hub).
I got a machine washed iPhone to work this way (long enough to retrieve all the contacts).
Worth a try?