V3 app: get notification when Ring doorbell detects motion?

I though I wanted to abandon the Classic ST app and move to the New app… newer is better right!?

I wanted to add an alert that sent me a text message or pushed a notification when my Ring doorbell detected motion. I had absolutely no problem adding this automation from the Classic app. Go to SmartApps, select Safety & Security, select Notify Me When, etc. Easy peasy!

Not so easy in the New ST app. Can anyone give me any pointers on adding something like this from the New ST app?

When I go back to the New ST app after add this Ring doorbell automation with the classic app it does shows up under the Automation listings and I can even mess around with it.

Use a custom automation


Ok. I see now. I did try that before but didn’t see a push or text option. I just selected Notify members and see that I got ‘Notified’.

I got both a push notification and a text message on my android phone, is there a setting that I can get one or the other?


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Maybe the text is from your old automation? I don’t think the new app has the ability to notify via text.

@Automated_House I did enter it with the Classic app and told it to push and text on Ring motion. Then I went and saw the ‘automation’ in the New app.

After seeing the push and text message when walking in front of my Ring doorbell I went back in the old app and deleted the push but left the text message alert. Now the Classic app sends me a text on motion and the New app pushes an alert.

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So everything is working as designed now?