V2 Hub - same ol' forgetfulness (GE zwave loses connection)

I hate to revive an old thread but I have a Jasco plugin receptacle that I have two lamps on, and randomly it just drops off requiring me to do a network heal.

Seriously thinking of swapping them out for smart things units

Yep. I’ve had a few switches (all GE/Jasco zwave) drop off my v2 hub in the last month or so. I always have to do a “replace” device to get it back.

Same here, a few Jasco wall switches and a GE plug/dimmer outlet. All dropped at the same time, seems in line with timing of everyone else’s, which is really weird too. Very frustrating to say the least.

I have the same disappearance problem with Enerwave dimmers. I’ve got around 40 devices at home, few Zigbee, mostly Z-wave. Only those dimmers disappear. Once every few weeks, at random.
To restore, I simply “Add a thing” and add the disappeared device back. Then I have to rebuild automations.
Fun fact - to add an Enerwave dimmer, I need to put the Hub in inclusion mode and then fire a burst of many dozens of clicks on the dimmer. Sometimes for a whole minute. Ridiculous.

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I have a network of around 100 GE Zwave switches with the neutral. I’ve seen perhaps 4 devices drop from the network in about 1 year’s time (they’ve been installed for a year). The procedures for getting these devices back have always been excluding, forcing removal, etc as others have described. I just tried the replace device approach this morning and to my delight, it worked! The thought of cutting power to the circuit sounds interesting as well.

JDRoberts, are you saying that cutting power to the whole circuit and then restoring it should bring the switch back into the network without the replace or forced delete etc? I have not noticed devices coming back into the network after we had a full power outage, though I suppose I could be mis-remembering the order of events here.

One final issue I’ve had with these GE dimmers is that in the middle of the night when the SmartThings network is doing nothing, the switches sometimes randomly turn themselves on. I’ve spoke with SmartThings support and they’ve reviewed their logs and mine and the command is not coming from SmartThings; rather, the dimmer just turns itself on. I can’t say if this happens during the day as well, as it’s a bit less noticeable. But when everyone in the house is asleep and your bedroom light comes on, it’s pretty memorable. I also find on a somewhat regular basis that a random switch has turned on between 2am and 4am while everyone was asleep. Have others seen this problem? The only devices I have are the GE/JASCO switches so I can’t comment on other brands.

If that were the case, you could just pull the ‘air gap’ on the switch and that will essentially have the same effect and power cycle just the switch.

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Yep. I have about 80 zwave, mostly GE. I also have random “on” incidents at various times. I also seem to notice it at night, but that’s probably just because of ambient light.

I also have random GE disconnects, as in the subject of this thread. This bug really ruins the value of a connected home. It is already more work and expense than it is worth, but regular breakdowns make it way to much effort.

Now in 3.5 months 10 switches have dropped and could not be reintegrated into the network via replace or forced removal, exclusion, and re-adding. After pulling the air-gap and a full power outage, 7 of them came back into the network. The remaining 3 seem to be completely dead. The random on issue was gone for a while, but just resurged and on a switch that was one that had dropped from the network. I’ve then already lost some of the same switches that I was just able to repair (in perhaps 10 days). This seems to point back to JDRoberts’ point about it seeming like defective switches.

As an update, additional switches are failing and cannot be re-added. Jasco/GE has honored the warranty so far (I’m only a little past the 1 year mark) and sent a variety of replacement switches. Counting up my Jasco/GE devices, I have 84 switches and 4 lamp modules. Then on my SmartThings hub there are about 14 other miscellaneous devices. Jasco/GE told me that the issue of their switches dropping from the network (when they can be force excluded and re-added) is not a Jasco/GE issue, but is a SmartThings defect that occurs after SmartThings has more than 80 devices. This sounded fishy to me, but can anyone comment on that concept?