V2 hub and daylight sensors?

Does the v2 hub support any kind of daylight sensor? Something like a Lutron LRF2-DCRB?

Using scheduled events is problematic, especially when daylight savings is taking into account. For example, controlling outside lighting during the winter is likely different than what you’d want in the summer. Tying a schedule to sunset won’t achieve the same result in different seasons.

That and clear, sunny days vs cloudy becomes an issue for controlling blinds and managing energy.

Many motion sensors also can provide a Lux output as well. That being said, you can also add the Smart Weather Tile and get a virtualized Lux value for your zipcode. Each way will have it’s own scale of things (Lux values not always interpreted the same) but once you get it configured and test it, it should be consistent.

I use a weather tile for my zip code and have some things trigger based on reported luminance from the local weather. So far it’s worked really well for me. Alternatively, you could get a PWS, connect it to Weather Underground, and use the data from that to get very accurate luminance from your exact home location.

I’m not aware of an outdoor sensor for this but there are indoor ones available, such as the multi sensor from Fibaro.

there’s examples of some of the ‘indoor’ motion sensors being outside, so long as they are protected… but of course, YMMV

The Fibaro multi has very sensitive lux measuring with device type on this community.

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You can also use the weather tile lux for light. It’s base on your local weather so it’s perfect for overcast and such.