V2 for $57 on Amazon

Cheap(er) price for V2 on Amazon, now lower than V3

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Home Depot also had them on sale. I was able to pick one up for $56.99:



I am quite new to Smartthings, so forgive me for asking what may be a stupid question. Can one have more than one hub in a single home? If yes, what would be the advantage / utility of having more than one hub? I might be interested in buying a second hub if there is a good reason.

You might look around on the board for ideas on that score. As far as I know it wouldn’t be a problem, but I’m pretty sure that devices can only be attached to a single hub at a time… so no real advantage that I know of. If you have multiple zones, or multiple buildings, that might be different.

You need to look at it the other way round, do you have a reason why you need two hubs in one home? If you don’t currently have any issues, then you don’t need two hubs.

There’s no reason to get two for one place, additionally, the two can’t work together anyway so the point is a bit moot regardless.