Multiple hubs on one system?

I would like to know if it is a problem to have more than one SmartThings Hub connected to one system. I started out with an Nvidia Shield TV Hub then I purchased the ADT Home Security System with the built-in SmartThings Hub. I want to use Samsung’s Wi-Fi mesh systems that has a built-in SmartThings Hub. will these all work together or will they conflict with each other?

Thank you

One hub per location… You can have multiple locations in the same account but they generally won’t interact with each other without external interventions such as WebCoRE

Official response from Samsung:

There are inconclusive indications this is or will change with the new App.

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If you have an isp in your home that serves up two or more external IP’s then I supppose you could run two hubs on different sub domains and the system wouldn’t really know they were in the same location; although not sure that would enable a good seamless smart home experience.