V1 Hub after receiving V2 Hub

If I use the same account, I wonder if I could put V1 in my garage, V2 at the current hub location in my house, each connected to my home network and control devices connected to one or the other from within the ST app. In other words, if I fired up the ST app would I see ALL the devices connected to either hub?

It depends what you mean.

Devices controlled by one hub will not be seen by the other.

You could set up two locations, one for the garage, and one for the house, but within the mobile app you have to switch between them to get to their controlled devices.

And you could only look at one controller’s devices at a time.

So all the devices are available through the one mobile app, but they are separated by “location” and you can only have one hub per location at the present time.

You couldn’t set up a routine that would use the sensor from the garage to turn on a light in the kitchen, for example.

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And resetting V1 hub to be able to sell to someone else possible so they (the new person) will not have issues creating an account and starting fresh?

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Be nice if ST could make a firmware update to allow them to act as repeaters.


It would take a whole lot more than just a firmware update. It would require significant change to the backend architecture.

Although we tend to think of the hub as one device, it actually contains two completely separate radios, one that is the Z wave primary controller, and one that is the zigbee primary controller.

Although Z wave does allow for the concept of a primary and a secondary controller, smartthings did not implement that perhaps because they didn’t know how to make it invisible in terms of zigbee and zwave devices being interchangeable from the customer’s point of view.

So smartthings does not support zwave controller replication.

Even if they did, that doesn’t solve the Zigbee issue. Zigbee just doesn’t have the same concept of secondary controllers. Control4 and some other systems have essentially added this through a layer of proprietary control software, but that has to be done at the time the network is first set up, and it’s not part of the open standard.

So there’s just a lot of architecture work that would have to be done. The Z wave is the easiest, should they choose to implement that command set, but philosophically it’s just not the way smartthings is set up.

So maybe someday, but not right away, and it won’t be an easy feature to add.

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I would just keep it in my garage… May be several years later the “American Pickers” may want to pay couple of hundred dollars for it. And of course they want some story behind it… Well, don’t we all have too many stories to tell about the v1?


SmartThings has some very significant limitations for multiple Locations. Right now, as far as I can tell, the App let’s you select only one Location at a time.

Also, discussed in a recent Topic I’ll try to link, services like IFTTT and Alexa can be granted access to at most one of your Locations, even if you have multiple IFTTT / service provider Logins!.

:open_mouth: Ugh… I’m with Ron. Storing it for the future. Today’s obseletion, tomorrows antiques :slight_smile:

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V1 will be buried in a landfill like old Atari games only to be dug up 30 years from now and sold for big money :wink:

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I also have this question. I am looking to give my V1 Hub away to a friend. How do I reset the hub so he has a seamless experience setting everything up? Since I removed my location from the V1 Hub will it be as easy as my friend downloading ST App and setting it up?

You have to get support to help. They have to authorize the serial number to be associated with the new account. Support@smartthings.com

I say put it in the basement/attic in the same box with the Wink Hub, Wink Links, TCP connect portal, Sega Genesis, Atari 64 and the rest of the " best and greatest technology" .

Buddy! Please please don’t put ST in the same category as the other ones you mention! :slight_smile: Have faith in ST and this community :slight_smile: We will all survive.

PS: it’s not meant as a sarcasm and just a friendly note. We do have a much better platform than the ones you mention.

I wasn’t putting ST in the same category with those others. Other than to say that with the release of V2, the V1 is destined to go the the box of misfit toys with other outdated /obsolete tech. I have boxes of old tech that just sits there as I am sure you do to

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As I said earlier… Keep it for the “American Pickers” team down the years. :slight_smile: do let us know how it goes with the v2, buddy! Hope it will be a nice experience.


I will be cracking my old V1 hub open to see if I can get an arduino or Raspberry Pi to use the Zwave and ZHA zigbee radios. The used market will be flooded with V1 hubs so might as well find a way to re-use them or make an open source local control HA controller out of it.

Buddy of mine did just that with a Wink hub. IT was trivial for him to cut board traces and take over the radios on the board for an arduino.


Reset mine and sold it back on Amazon for $50, and it went immediately.


If you wouldn’t mind sharing, how did you reset the hub? Did you have support reactivate the 6 character code that originally shipped with it as well?
Thanks in advance!


Hi Ritesh! I just followed the information here:

Unplugged it and boxed it up. Basically you delete your setup from the app.

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Hi, Don.

Thanks so much.

I’d already followed the delete location step before unplugging my v1 hub so I’m guessing the reset is complete.
I guess that means all I have to do is have support reset the original 6 character code and my v1 hub should be all set for reuse.

Thanks again!