Hub Version 1

(Tyler) #1

Should there be ANY REASON TO KEEP Hub Version 1 ?
Can we go ahead and offload (sell) Hub Version 1 ?
Or should I keep Hub Version 1 for historical reference?

** Newbie to the community

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #2

Cabin? Office? Garage? Family member?

(Ron S) #3

Repeater? 20 chars! Or mother-in-law?

(Geko) #4

In 30 years, if SmartThings becomes the Apple of the Smart Home market, it may fetch $1000 on eBay as a collectible item. :smile:

(Ron S) #5

Keep it in your garage! Some day will be picked up by the picker show guys on Travel channel or HD2… Love your idea (for once). :wink:

(Tyler) #6

You guys are comical. I just bought this Hub V1 less than 2 months ago. I already have my purchase in for Hub V2.
Just wanted to see what my options were out there…for Hub V1
So technically speaking there is No reason why I should be keeping Hub V1 ?

(Ron S) #7

Keep it in mint condition in the original package. Will increase the value! By opening the package and using it, you already reduced the value…:frowning:

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #8

There might be some reasons later, but for now, it will probably be best to swap it out and let it gather dust for a bit.

Or repurpose it for controlling devices in another location.

(Tyler) #9

So there will be some use for it later then…for an Add-On ?
sounds like i will be storing it away in the garage.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #10

Maybe, who knows. I wouldn’t hold my breath… I’d give it to a friend or family member or use it at another location.

(Tyler) #11

I see what you’re saying now. Most likely I will have no use for it.

(Jim) #12

Personally, I’m waiting til I have my V2 hub “in hand” before even thinking about it! One never knows…

(Ron S) #13

Please hold on to it. It may well be used as a repeater at some point…