Hub v2 Host

(Erik Thayer) #1

Will the v2 hub be able to be a host for local processing of a V1 hub… say, in the garage on the same network?

Are all my V1 hubs trash after V2 update? It would be GREAT if v1 hubs could somehow utilize the power of a v2 hub, but I’m sure the technology wouldn’t particularity be financially advantageous for SmartThings to support.

(Tim Slagle) #2

Why multiple hubs? Not that I am saying you shouldn’t or i disagree that you should, just not sure what the usecase is.

(Eric R) #3

Use case idea - Your shop is connected to your house network, but the shop is too far away without the use of several zwave/zigbee repeaters from the hub. Bam.

(Erik Thayer) #4

This ^^

My garage is fairly far away from my hub. I’ve used repeaters to go out to the garage but their reliability was crummy at best. The locks on the garage would refuse to pair also.

Enter a second hub in the garage. Now all my z-wave devices in the shop are reliable and the locks pair right up.

(Erik Thayer) #5

Where do I ask about this? It would be great to get an answer from a ST employee. Even a ‘nope, you’ll have to purchase two v2 hubs’ would be good to know.

(Patrick Musselman) #6

@April If she does not have the answer she will find it.

(Keith Croshaw) #7

I feel like I heard a very brief mention of the V1 hub as a repeater, but it might have just been something brought up as an idea at a Dev Discussion.

(Erik Thayer) #8

That would be an interesting application. Unfortunately might not work for me because that would require the signal to not have a gap all the way to the garage… still, might save a lot of v1 hubs from landfills. Hopefully they do at least that.

They want people to be “green” right?

(Keith Croshaw) #9

Just run a long ethernet cable out there. Code be damned they’re weathertight.

(Tim Slagle) #10

Buddy of mine ran a super long ethernet cable undergorund. He just put a wedge in the dirt put the cable down and then put dirt back on top. Been holidnig up for years

(Keith Croshaw) #11

Yea that’s probably what I would do. Even the monoprice ones are probably pretty tough.

(Tim Slagle) #12

My only recomendation would be to get a shielded cable. You don’t want to have to be digging it back up in a year because there is some signal leak somewhere

(Erik Thayer) #13

What? I think this is getting off-topic. There’s already internet out there, I’ve got that covered. It runs on the same network as the rest of my house.

What I’m wondering is if I’ll have to get another v2 hub for each z-wave islanded place in my home network to function off of LAN instead of WAN. I currently have two v1 hubs, one to control all of my home devices and one to control all of my shop devices.

Ethernet connectivity is not an issue.