What to do with my V1 hub?

Now that I have upgraded to the new v2 hub, I have a v1 hub sitting around.

Is there anything I can do with it in my house, or is it 1 hub per location?

Can I give it to someone and can they use it? Not sure if it is bonded to my account.

Support can always assist you in transfer, but it is easiest if you still have the “Welcome Code” card that came with the Hub.

If you “Delete” the Hub from your Account/Location, I think it may be immediately available for joining another Account using that Welcome Code.

Currently SmartThings only supports one Hub per “Location”, and there’s not much (yet?) you can do in multiple Locations on one Account (i.e., SmartApps can only use devices from one Location at a time) and the mobile app only shows one Location view at a time. Not worth the trouble to have 2 Hubs in one home.

I gave mine to my parents. They’ve had some concern with security lately so I helped them setup a basic system with an alarm.

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I do mine to the office to control a couple lamps. May expand that a bit later.