Utilitech Leak Sensor pairing issue

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I just got one of the Utilitech sensors, and I can’t get it to pair for anything. Tried 1 push, 3 pushes, etc and nothing. Any suggestions?

Got it sorted out… had to powercycle the hub.

Does it work? I just moved mine from v1 hub to v2 - paired ok. But no changed when exposed to water

Yep, it works fine. to test it, I did set the wake time to the lowest number (60 seconds) and then made sure the contacts were exposed to water. That way I didn’t have to wait for the device to wake up. I did end up setting it to 5 minutes wake up though.

Which device type are you using?

I started with the default Everspring device type, but then I found the modified device type here: Updated device type for Everspring Flood (Utilitech Water Leak) Sensor
better battery reporting, etc.

My Utilitytech sensor was originally set up for Lowe’s Iris. I reset it by following these instructions in order to get it repaired now with SmartThings: **Remove the battery cover from the sensor.
**Press the little black connect button underneath the sensor 8 times; it should beep and show a green light each time.
**The unit should have an amber light and beep every few seconds.
**Remove the batteries for 5 seconds, then put them back in. The amber light will continue and the unit will be beeping every few seconds indicating it is ready to be repaired to something else .
**Install the unit in SmartThings app using these instructions:

First, bring the devices physically close together: the sensor and the SmartThings hub. Add a device in the SmartThings app. Choose device by type (water leak sensor). Choose Everspring. Tap next. The Apple say that it is preparing and the hub will have a little blue light on. Go through the process it leads you through on screen, which includes hitting the black connect button underneath the sensor three times. Each time the device will blink green and beep . After the 3rd button push , the SmartThings app should then automatically find it and pair it! The SmartThings hub will return back to its normal green light light and the Utilitech device light will go off.

Try a Z-wave exclude from the ST app before pairing. I have 2 of these and they work perfectly. you will have to wet them to initialize them after pairing, otherwise they will show a crossed out cloud in the app