Can't pair (my old) Utilitech leak sensor - ideas?


I’ve an old (3yrs?) Utilitech Zwave leak sensor which recently triggered a false wet alarm. It seemed “stuck” on wet state, so I attempted to reset/repair it with ST – now I can’t get the darn thing to pair.
I’m using the Everspring leak detector DTH, and have another of the same sensors that’s working fine.

I did exclude it from the network, but when I put the batteries back in it it goes into pairing mode (red LED blinks) but the ST hub never completes the pairing process (tried manually selecting the Everspring sensor during pairing process too).

Any ideas on the problem/solution? (Classic ST app if that matters any)

This is the 2nd false alarm from this sensor in the last few months, and of course I have it in the attic making service a PITA. Maybe its time to replace it with a different brand.


are you using any custom device handlers for leak sensors? if yes, login to IDE and open the device handlers and publish for me again. then exclude and try to add your device.

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Rechecked… its the stock ST handler

Reboot the hub and then it again after bringing it close to the hub. Also check your IDE for any custom DTH’s (ANY ) and republish ALL of them (any of them with a matching fingerprint DTH could be a stale state and preventing them device from pairing)

Rebooted after republishing all my DTH’s. Still no joy, but thanks for the workaround tip. I may give it another try time permitting in case I missed one of them.