Utilitech - (Everspring) Flood Sensor won't show status in App

I have two Utilitech (Everspring) Zwave Water Sensors. They were both on my old V1 Hub. I added the first one to my V3 hub and it works perfectly. I added the other one and it won’t report wet or dry status in the app. I know it’s physically working because it beeps when I wet the sensor. It just shows a cloud with a slash through it in the app.
I even deleted it and added it a couple of times.
Any help would be appreciated.

I am in the Same situation. I have 3. 2 sensors had the batteries die and it took me a couple of weeks to replace the batteries. I have excluded and repaired and I’m in the same boat. The one that didn’t have the batteries die is working fine. In the idea and the classic app they seem to work fine but I’m the new app it does not show a leak status and says checking status