USmart Go Smart Lock integration

I;ve just received a great looking Smart Lock from AliExpress (China) and I’m not sure if i can integrate it with ST, since I can’t find the USmart Go App anywhere in ST.
Also I’d like some advice as if for security reasons, is better to leave the lock alone and not integrate it in an ecosystem.
AAny information will be appreciated

Not compatible with anything else. Even the home assistant folks can’t get it working. The Alexa skill has a one star rating because people say it doesn’t work. The app has a low star rating because people say even its own app only works part of the time. Sometimes things are inexpensive for a reason. :disappointed_relieved:

If you want to buy cheap stuff off of AliExpress, wait a few months, and then only buy items with Matter compatibility and good ratings on other sites.

Also, when posting in this forum, remember the first rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“ (Although in this case, the issues seem to affect the entire brand line.)

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