SmartThings + Kwikset Locks + Alexa = No control

Has anyone a workaround for the lack of integration between ST and Amazon Echo Alexa concerning locks? We would like to be able to say something like “Alexa lock all doors”, but for some reason ST does not pass the locks through to Alexa (or maybe Alexa cannot or does not ask for it) when Alexa looks at ST to discover devices. We can understand that one might want to block the command “Alexa unlock ___ door”, as that might make B&E way too easy . But being able to lock up with a voice command would be really handy, especially for the old and the infirm. Perhaps I should post this on the Amazon group, but I thought I’d start here.

IFFT is your only option at the moment.

Look at Ask Alexa @MichaelS or you can use CoRE and virtual switches.

Ask Alexa requires a lot of steps to install and get working but it is very powerful:

CoRE can almost do anything and I recommend it as a must have:

How to create a virtual switch:

Make a routine. In your routine you can have it lock the doors. I use in my Good Night Routine. I use Ask Alexa to trigger routines, but is is complicated to set up (need Amazon Web Services)


Yes sorry all those are option but require additional and sometimes complicated setups and unless you want to take the time to do that or have the know how it’s hard. I was answering your question about basic function something like switched and lights which currently is not an option and IFFT is the easiest to integrate a lock if you just want it to lock and unlock on command from alexa.