Usinq zwave remote GE45600 to turn on Leviton wifi switch paired with hub

Maybe this can’t be acheived with this remote but my understanding is that the remote talks to the hub. It will not pair with the wifi switch in the hub yet I have no problem with it paired to leviton as a device in ST. I realize it is a different format so there is no use going to the external garage 50ft. from the hub where the switch is located. Again no problem controlling with ST. I assumed whatever the hub sees as a device should be programmable. I can control regular zwave switches, outlets, etc. devices with the remote

That remote is a very old design and does NOT send button press command messages via the hub. Instead it sends them directly to another zwave device, which is why it’s unfortunately not going to work for your WiFi switch. :disappointed_relieved:

There are other handheld remotes that do work via the hub although most don’t have as many buttons.

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That explains it, thanks JD! Any suggestion for remote that might work in this situation?

How many buttons do you need on the remote? There are some devices listed in the following:

[2021] Battery Power Switches and Buttons

Otherwise a lot of people just use an inexpensive no contract android phone just running on Wi-Fi. You can usually get one for less than $30 and then you can put either the smartthings app or a third party app something like action tiles or Sharptools on it.


Excellent idea!! Thanks again!!

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