Using a GE 45600 hand held remote

I recently bought a GE 45600 remote, I would like to be able to control some devices without having to open up the app on my phone. I am able to get it to work with the zwave switches but I am a little confused.

  1. what does this remote actually communicate with, the smart things hub or the device (in this case a switch) itself.

  2. if it is only communicating with the switch, they what is the purpose of pairing it up with the hub?

To allow the remote to behave as a secondary controller, with out this step your switches can only communicate with your hub or remote… but not both.

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The purpose is to be able to communicate with devices managed by the hub (primary controller). Specifically, to learn its home ID. Search for GE45600 on the forums for more info, if interested.

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