2 devices 1 light - can I deal with as 1 Thing?

I have 2 smart bulbs but I want to deal with them as 1 thing (ie. it’s a light with 2 bulbs that is either on or off). I can’t find a way to group devices to look like a single Thing. Is there a way?

I found other posts talking about grouping devices by long clicking on them in the iOS app but that was from 2014/2015 and doesn’t seem to work any more.

Just for interest, the bulbs are Hue bulbs connected through a Hue hub to the SmartThings hub. Everything works fine dealing with the bulbs separately but I want to be able to say to Alexa “Turn the office light on” rather than “Turn Hue Bulb 1 on” and “Turn Hue Bulb 2 on”.


If you only want to do it in Alexa, you can group them in the Alexa app. However, this will not be controllable as a single entity in SmartThings.

The easiest method if you only want them grouped in Alexa is to create a group in the Alexa app called ‘Office’ and add both bulbs. Then Alexa, turn on the office light will work.

Another option is to use the SmartApp dim with me. With one bulb as the primary (called office or office light) when you turn that on the other will follow.

As others mentioned, if you just want the group for Alexa, then use Alexa’s native grouping ability. It works just fine.

If you want to be able to use the group in other ways, including to toggle as a group in the SmartThings mobile app, there’s a how to article in the community – created wiki that should help: