How Aqara button controls lights, outlet?

i have added xiaomi aqara button to my ST hub V3.
but i don’t know how to control devices by using button. i’m going to toggle lights, switch power outlets…
i tried find out smartthings app, IFTTT, but i got nothing

Take a look at Webcore. That is a rules engine that will allow you to create simple or complex rules. I use it with my buttons to assign different actions when I press it, hold it or double click.


Webcore is great, but also complicated: you won’t need it for just a simple “if smart button pressed, turn on smart outlet” rule.

Instead, just try the official SmartLights feature. :sunglasses:

The only thing to know is that SmartLights is set up the reverse of IFTTT. Instead of “If Button pushed, turn on Light,” it’s “Turn on Light when Button is pushed.” First you select the target device (the Light), then you select the trigger (button pressed).

The following article explains:


Are you using the SmartThings “Classic” mobile app or the new mobile app?

The new SmartThings mobile app does not yet officially support devices with custom device handlers, which includes all Xiaomi / Aqara devices.

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yes, i use classic app.
the new app could not use with aqara product line

Good. Then I also suggest the same as @JDRoberts - try using the SmartLights smart app.

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