Using Xioami Smart button to toggle light on and off - noob question

Hi everyone
Rather new to smarththings so sorry for the beginner question
I have Xiaomi Smart Button (handler connected, working succesfully) and TP-links bulbs (handler and app connected, working fine)
I want to make following setup:
If the lights are on and the button is presses - turn them off
If lights are off and the button is pressed - turn it on
The first setup works fine - I made a automatisation in the new app - made a rules to turn it on when lights are off and the button is pressed - and then tun default scenario “Turn it on”
But the second one I fail - it doesn’t see my other scenarios with bulbs neither when I try to use device state in Then section- it does allow only to change % of lights, not to turn it on.
Please advice what I am doing wrong