Control a z-wave light by z-wave switch AND/OR time of day

Please don’t yell at me if this has been posted before. I apologize. I am at work and don’t have the luxury of spending a large amount of time searching through the community for the subject.

I have a 2.0 Hub and I am using a Evolve LSM-15 z-wave switch to control an Evolve LFM-20 z-wave dry contact relay going to an LED can light.

The switch and light are included into my hub and they turn off and on with no problems via the app or the switch itself.

What I can’t figure out, is how to have more than one routine for a device. I can have a smart app that controls the light via the switch, but I can’t figure out how to ALSO turn the light on at night when I am on vacation. The app only seems to let me select turn on via switch or time of day, but not both

I imagine this is something silly I haven’t figured out yet, but I wanted to post it to the community and see if it gets any hits before I get home and can play with it.

Thanks in Advance.


The short version: Simply set up a new Smart Lighting automation to do the “other” thing that you want.

For example, I just helped my dad setup a light to turn on at sunset, but he wanted it to turn off at 1:00am, not a sunrise. So we setup one automation to handle the turn on. Then setup a new automation to turn off at 1:00am.

In this case you’ll simply open the Smart Lighting app (Hit the four squares button, then SmartApps, then Smart Lighting), scroll to the bottom of any entries you have here and tap on New Lighting Automation.

Then follow the steps to select the time, turn on, the time and all that fun stuff.

Then in the “More Options” section hit the “Only when mode is…” and select the mode that you’ll use when your on vacation. That way this routine will only run when you’re on vacation and not when you’re home.

Thanks Chris,

This is exactly what I was looking for. I think it’s a little odd to me that you have to go inside an existing SmartApp in order to create a new SmartApp.

Wouldn’t it make the most sense when you have a list of all of the existing smartapps to have an “New Lighting Automation” button instead?

The Smart Lighting app is new with the v2 update of the ST app, and it is a bit odd compared to other Smart Apps in that it’s more like a super Smart App that spawns other apps. I agree that it’s a bit confusing the way you have to access it now in order to create new rules under the same parent Smart App, and it’s been discussed by customers in other threads on the forum, but for now, at least, it is what it is.

Yeah… I dunno… I could see the logic to doing it either way. I dunno enough about the behind the scenes stuff to know if it makes more sense from a bandwidth/overhead point of view to do it as one app with individual instances inside or whether to have it as separate app instances. They might do it the way they are to make it easier for it to run locally on V.2 Hubs.

From a strictly personal view, I like having it wrapped up with in one app… makes it easier to help my dad with it. Smart Lighting will do probably 80%+ of what he’ll want to do and making it in one app is easier for me to support him with it.