Temporary Override for Smart Lighting smartapp

I have setup a zwave light switch and a motion detector using the Smart Lighting smartapp so the light turns on when motion is detected and turns off after 10 minutes. It works great.

But, my wife would like the ability to override this, for example to push the zwave light switch to “off” manually, before stepping out where the motion detector can see her. Ideally it would stay overridden, not turn on the light with her motion for a fixed time, say 10 minutes.This way the light would not come on even if she’s walking around out there.

I see no way to do this with this smartapp, but I’m checking first before starting to try and customize anything. Is there already a way to do this with this smartapp or some other?

Use Rule Machine. It can do the same automations as Smart Lighting, but also has a disable switch available. Smart Lighting can run locally on hub V2, but Rule Machine does not run locally. Otherwise, it will do the trick for you.