Better understand of using mobile phones as presence sensors

I have a problem, and in addition I’m also looking for some information that I don’t think is very clear with the Smartthings hub.

My Problem: I deleted my girlfriend’s phone as a presence sensor and tried to re-add it by going to Marketplace - Things - Sensors - Presence Sensors - Mobile Phone. When I hit Connect Now, I get an error “Warning - this device is already setup as a presence sensor” and doesn’t let me add the phone. It appears to be gone in all previously-related routines and apps, as well as in the IDE. How do I get her phone added again?

General: I don’t quite remember how I had this setup before, but I believe I had to add her as a user, but she still logs in under me. Is this correct? Currently, on her phone I am logged in using the same login/password as I use, just on her device. I thought that maybe she had to have her own login, but I’ve searched for “Smartthings” in her email and there doesn’t appear to be any indication of that.

I have a work and personal phone, and both act as if they’re the same phone “Tom’s Work Phone” to SmartThings. The presence detection basically works as if they are OR’ed together. This isn’t my main issue, but it is stupid and something I should fix.

For multi-user households, what is the best way to manage multiple users?

Thanks for any help!

Each phone used as a presence sensor should be logged in using it’s own user id and password. The process is for you to invite the additional user at their email address (becomes their user id) then they set their own password. There are no user permission levels in SmartThings so everyone has the same abilities but if multiple phones are logged in with the same credentials they will all be treated like one device for presence purposes.

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