Google Home respond to a trigger?

Hi, is there a way to get google home to say something when a trigger is performed. For example, when the door opens, to say hello?

Yes but I’m going to give a snarky answer, not with SmartThings currently.
Updated: I went ahead and did a really quick search and this is in the list:

There was a app in development to allow casting to Google Home/Mini’s it’s been a while since I’ve checked on it’s status. So search for that. If that app is working then yes you should be able to do this.

With other systems I know it’s possible as I do it myself today.

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What other things do you use to boadcast on Google home?

I don’t use ST anymore. I just hang around because I like the people and good ideas from everyone.

But Home Assistant has a native component to use Google Home/Mini’s for Casting and for TTS. Vera has a app but it requires a 3rd party app/service just like the Google Assistant Relay for ST. Homeseer has a plugin that works directly with Google Home/Mini’s.

You openly say you don’t use ST anymore but came here for the advice? What’s wrong, the Home Assistant forum isn’t as nice? LMAO

I said I like the people and the good ideas. Lots of people on this forum have moved on to other platforms or are really thinking of it. They still frequent this community too.

Yes, I use the cast-web-api. My google home devices announce when the sprinklers are about to start, garage is opening, closing, coo coo clocks, door openings, and tons of other things.

For the cast-web-api to work, a node.js server must be currently running on your home network, 24/7. That’s the only hard part. You can run it on a computer that’s always on, or any device that’s capable. Some use rasp pi devices etc. I run it on a samsung tablet that is my home’s ‘control panel’ for ST. Since it’s always home and always plugged in, it works great, even when the tablet is “asleep.” For android the node.js app I use is called Dory.js.

Most people use webcore to play custom sounds but there are tons of options created by the community.

I use a virtual momentary switch for unsupported devices if I want it to announce it, for instance my ge dishwasher works with iftt but not ST. So on IFTTT when the dishwasher is done it presses the ST virtual momentary button, which using “big talker” community smart app, announces it over the google homes. If you want custom sounds to play instead of TTS (words played on Ghome) they have to be “hosted”. Typically I’ll google sound effects and copy the link on a web page to play the sound I want and paste the link into code in the IDE using the community created speaker companion app. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. I can’t find the community speaker app right now but I can share the code if you want.

This might be helpful


You can also play hosted MP3’s with BigTalker2 if you have it running in musicPlayer mode (Sonos, etc).
For the phrase in BigTalker use: %mp3(

Nothing else can be in the phrase when playing hosted mp3’s. So you can’t do " %mp3( Front Door" (Play a chime and then announce Front Door). This will not work.

You can try this out in the BigTalker2 TalkNow page to make sure you have the correct formatting before applying it to events if desired.

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Great PROTIP! Appreciate it. I need to install another instance of BigTalker2 and choose music player mode!

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Also, there is Assistant-Relay which uses the Broadcast functionality of Google Home to broadcast voice announcements. The benefit of this, since it’s not using the streaming functionality, anything that is playing on your GH continues to play after the announcement is over.

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Interesting ideas, I want the Google Home to chime whenever a contact sensor opens. What do you all think would be the best approach?

I would use Cast Api. That allows your GH devices to show up as regular speakers. There’s there’s also an app that will do exactly what you want, chime on contact opening. You can search the forum for Cast API and Sonos notify with sound multiple.

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