Using GoControl! Panel as a Secondary Controller to SmartThings?

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Okay, this comment fascinated me, because that would be a really powerful configuration.

Once you do this, can you use the gocontrol panel-controlled devices individually in hello home actions?

I’m specifically curious about the iris glass break detector, because there is no similar device working with SmartThings yet. The device is a security notification class that’s not currently supported for notifications.

But there are a lot of other things this could be very useful for. So just curious as to the exact amount of granularity you’re getting from the SmartThings side.


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I did some poking around on other sites, and there are a lot of issues that come up when using a gocontrol panel as a secondary controller to a different Z wave primary.

The most difficult, and insurmountable, is from the Z wave specification itself. Secure devices such as door locks can only be paired to the primary controller. So some of the devices can’t be available to both the gocontrol panel and smartthings, one of them has to be a primary controller and own the security devices.

Next, the most common method for bridging the two appears to be through a “man in the middle” switch. That is, when the go control panel is armed, it also sets a switch on. This switch going on then triggers something in the primary controller. This is basically how something like the glass break detector would typically be handled. Go control would get the notification from the glass break detector and turn on a regular switch, and then smartthings could respond to that switch going on. I’m not sure whether the switch can be virtual or not.,5800.45.html

If you are using a monitored alarm service with the go Control Panel, such as, then it appears that there is additional lag introduced some people saying as much as five minutes before the man in the middle switch turns on. That doesn’t entirely make sense to me, but more than one person reported it, so it is what it is.

Anyway, that’s just what I saw from looking elsewhere. If anyone has direct experience with adding a go Control Panel as a secondary zwave controller to a smartthings installation, please let us know how it works for you.

@bostonalex we need answers! how did you do it? :smile:

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JD - sorry for the delay, we’re still in the moving process so it’s slow going…

Ok, so previously, we had Vivint with its integration. Door open close sensors, wireless motion, HD camera, smoke and carbon sensors, and the Kwikset 910 with managing the user codes.

After adding the ST hub, it took me awhile to figure out how to successfully add the 2Gig as the secondary controller, and have it see the Kwikset 910. ST can see the lock and from the app or the SmartTiles dashboard. I can unlock and lock using ST remotely as well as having ST perform actions based on the lock status. So if the lock is unlocked, turn on the light if it’s dark, etc.

Now, I have moved and am using the 2Gig standalone without Vivint and without integration.

I have the same setup now with the 2Gig still managing the user codes. 2Gig and the ST hub can see the 910, and both of the Linear FS20Z relays I’m using as momentary switches to open and close our garage doors.

Some limitations however… ST can’t see the user codes entered in the 910, just the unlocked / locked state. The integration could perform actions based on the user code, such as text me when my children unlock the door but not my wife, or disarm the alarm when the lock was unlocked.

I haven’t gotten any Iris devices yet, so I can’t tell you how that all works.

You’re probably right on with the security restrictions in ZWave, I know that previously, ST couldn’t see the smoke / carbon, motion sensor. I also didn’t see the door contacts, but I assume that was because the contacts were wired and wired up to the two hardwire zones on the 2Gig.

Let me know what else I can tell you, I think the next thing I want is the 2Gig doorbell.

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Looking to get more on how you added the 2GIG as a secondary control any steps you can provide.

@Ryan_Guinn I was also interested in this, and found @bostonalex’s info in this post (final confirmed steps should be near the end of the thread) Primary and Secondary Controllers with SmartThings and “other”

Thank you for posting that. Been looking for the steps. Will try this later today.

How did it go Caleb… I too have the vivint system and am looking to have user codes reported back to the ST hub.

Fine info here, guys. Thanks!
My question would be, if I have 2gig control panel along with it’s motion sensors, may I add my ST motion sensors to “expand” the security zones? In this case, would I be able to add the same motion sensor in 2gig and ST hub?