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Primary and Secondary Controllers with SmartThings and "other"


That’s exactly what I meant.

WHOA… ok, it looks like we’re up now. So the security keys thing wasn’t working when I added the lock to the ST hub.

So I removed the lock and added it directly to the 2Gig. Took 3-4 min, but the ST saw it as an unconfigured device, so I just added it. 3-4 min later, all is well.

So the steps were:
remove lock if installed.
pair 2gig to ST hub
wait 4-5 min
Add Lock to 2Gig panel
Wait 4-5 min
Open ST App on device and add newly found lock.
Wait 4-5 for everything to sync up and get happy.

That’s it. Finally! Thanks for the bit about adding AFTER pairing the panel. Brilliant.

(John Essey) #36

Awesome. Glad it worked out… just needed a bit of banter, right :wink:



So, I’m actually still under contract with Vivint. I just happen to know both my installer code, and my toolbox and advanced toolbox codes.

You are correct, the rescheduling of the Z wave network greatly speeds up the discovery process.

So aside from your door locks, is there anything else you’re controlling from SmartThings in conjunction with a 2gig panel?

(John Essey) #38

I initially built in a bit of redundancy for my automation. My internet would go out at least once a week, and I’d need to toggle my router… Basically I had a z-wave outlet that my router plugged in to. When I’d lose internet, I’d open the Vivint app and turn off/on said z-wave outlet. I would pretty much do the same for the thermostat I have as well, the internet would go out in my house and I’d be away on work unable to set the thermostat, turn on my router, or get any decent remote access to my house. It was a nice back door… my neighbor cut down the tree that was the source of the problem, been great every since. Slightly off topic, but related to the redundancy… I put a TCP Lighting system in just in case SmartThings would go down, or have issues. All things considered I just want to bake in all my functions in to SmartThings and have a 3G card directly to the SmartThings hub as my backup (cheaper).

I had Vivint for 2 years before SmartThings, and it was ok for the time and my need. It ‘just works’, but compared to everything I have access to now I’d be hard pressed to go back.

I heard the ‘vivint sky’ package is a little ‘smarter’, but I’ve yet to lay my hands on it :wink:

(John Hernandez) #39

Hi All. I posted this question earlier but does anyone have basic info on how to pair the 2gig go panel as a secondary controller to the ST hub?


(Justin Funston) #40

I finally got mine working as well. I am with Reliance Protectron, and have my installer code as well. I found upgrading the panel to firmware 1.10.1 made a huge improvement. You actually have the controller shift option, and primary and secondary panels co-operate much better. Previously I was on a 1.9 something firmware.
I was able to add everyting, my locks, lights, plugs, and thermostat to my Smartthings, and then add the 2gig, everything works. I have full access to the locks, lights, plugs, and the thermostat on smartthings, the 2gig, and Everything works great now.
I tested adding new devices, and then just quickly running check network on the 2gig, adds them in there as well.

@redlikemethodz Adding the 2gig panel as a secondary. You need to use smartthings to add a new device, then, on the 2gig go to services, zwave, then the toolbox (bottom right icon), you will need your installer code, then advanced, and learn controller. This will add the 2gig as the secondary. It will just show up as a controller on your smartthings. I previously had a 1.9 firmware, and it still worked, but, not nearly as well as with the 1.10.1 firmware.

Using GoControl! Panel as a Secondary Controller to SmartThings?
(John Hernandez) #41

Thanks Justin. I happen to get mine paired too! My next step is to figure out a way to arm/disarm 2gig via my zwave deadbolt or something like an NFC tag. Can’t find any info on anything like this yet. Can you perform any actions on your 2gig via ST’s app? I see it listed but that’s it.

(Justin Funston) #42

@redlikemethodz I’ve been testing mine. I got the rules with functioning again with their help. I have a few rules turning lights on/off at certain times.
The one thing that doesn’t work is I used to have a rule that when the door lock was unlocked by a user code, it would disarm the system. That does not work anymore. I think with the smartthings being the primary device, it does not provide stateful data back to the 2gig. Therefore, I unlock the door with my usercode, only the smartthings hub is aware of that. From what I can tell, there is no way to have that work as of right now. Not sure if anyone else has had that working, so, the 2gig disarms when the door is unlocked by a user code?
As for actions on the 2gig from ST, I don’t believe that’s possible. They run as two independent devices. Both can send out commands to the devices, so, rules on 2gig, or on ST will both work. But, 2gig will not (from what I can tell) get stateful data back from the devices without polling them. For example, unlocking doors, the 2gig doesn’t appear to get notified that it has unlocked. The only way I see the door is unlocked is by using the app and refreshing it’s status.

(Kevin ) #43

@jfunston how were you able to get your installer code from reliance protectron? I tried calling and asking and they wouldn’t tell me.

(Justin Funston) #44

Yeah, they’re pretty non-cooperative with that. I lucked out when mine was installed, I told the installer to leave the garbage and I’d get rid of it. He had written the code down on one of the books. That’s the only way I got it. I’m not sure if there’s any other way of getting it…unless you can watch over the installers shoulder as he puts it in…

(Ron S) #45

Minimote only here as secondary. Using the button controller app to control hue lights in different rooms and outdoor holidays lights (GE Zwave outdoor modules - 3). Works perfectly fine.

All eight buttons are mapped to hello home actions.

(Andrew V Hopper) #46

Great thread with tons of info. Just got Vivint and, because of its quite limited capabilities despite using the SkyControl panel, i almost cancelled my contract (within trial period) and bought a ST hub. When it arrives in a couple days I plan on using a lot of the info from this thread to shift my primary controller from Vivint SkyControl to my ST.
My goal will be to maintain my security (doors, locks, glass break sensors) through Vivint while using the advanced features of ZWave equipment on the ST hub (things like temperature readings of sensors, smart energy switch electricity read outs, etc.). I already have all these items which the Vivint SkyControl recognizes, but only uses them as binary switches,
I admittedly don’t know much about ST but I’m a quick learner so I’ll post an update with how everything goes. From the sounds of this thread, it sounds like integration should be easy. We’ll see if updates since Nov 14 have helped make it better!


Does anyone know if we can monitor the non-zwave devices linked to the 2Gig Go Control with the Smartthings app? It is not clear to me what information is passed from the Go Control to Smartthings.

Thanks in advance. It’s cool to see other people interested in these types of things :smiley:

(Dr.T) #48

Sadly you can’t connect to devices that aren’t z-wave. Typical security system devices operate on a different frequency.


Thanks for the reply. Can the Go Controller at least tell the SmartThings hub that the alarm is going off?

(Sidney Smith) #50

Can you pair the ST controller to the 2Gig if you have a secondary panel that was provided by vivint already?


No, it can’t. My GoControl! panel was Vivint and couldn’t talk to SmartThings. Now, I run the panel standalone with no service, just to be able to program the lock with multiple codes. The 2Gig doesn’t pass any info to ST, it was just providing a way for ST to see the Zwave devices on the 2Gig.

That however, seems to be broken in Hub V2. I have added the 2Gig to the V2 hub, but now it has a different mode and I cannot add the lock to the 2Gig anymore.


SmartThings has to be the primary, so you’re actually talking about pairing the 2Gig to SmartThings as a secondary.

None of that is possible however, unless you have the installer code for your Vivint panel.

(Mingo Mata) #53

I have a 2gig panel and the installer code, but I can’t seem to find the option to shift the 2gig as a secondary controller. Any suggestions on how to switch the 2gig as a secondary controller?


Can anyone that has smartthings and 2gig working with interactions please respond and confirm that you are able to control the devices from I can’t even get the devices to push to ADC even though they are showing up in the 2gig panel when it is a secondary controller.

If so, what did you do to get them to push to ADC?