Using Galaxy Watch as a presense sensor to unlock Door upon arrival

Is it possible to set an automation so that my Samsung Galaxy watch becomes a presence sensor and unlocks the front door when I arrive ?

I have tried over the years to get my Samsung watches to work as presence sensor, but I’ve never had any success. I can get any variety of my Galaxy phones to work, but none of my watches. Even with the ST’s app loaded on the watch, I’ve not been able to make it work.

Thanks I am glad lt was not just me that could not figure it out.

Actually you can do this quite easily with edgebridge:
This tracks if your wi-fi device is connected to your home network so you can make ST routines based on that information. For example if my or my wifes phone connects to our wlan it opens door locks and turns video surveillance and other security features off and when both of us leave home it checks that unnecessary devices are turned off and activates security features.
Only downside is that you need a always on PC (windows/*nix) to run it but it works extremely well and reliably after that!

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