Using force sensitive resistor to make a chair fart

Hi guys!

So I am completely new here, but have been lurking and researching this website without an account for awhile.

I’m admittedly not the most tech savvy actually, but I study furniture design with a focus in wood working. (So I apologize ahead of time for any dumb questions!)

After seeing someone online create a painting using conductive paint and touch sensors which then created music when pressed…I was curious about how I could apply that type of technology to wood.

And now I’m basically just trying to make a chair that farts when you sit on it- as a personal project.

I’ve read about how to use touch sensors through other materials and such, and I’ve come across force sensors.

My plan was to build a chair and then make the seat part inset on the bottom for all of the electronics, I would make a slot for a thin piece of wood to slide in which would hide everything.

I’m just wondering if there’s anything else I should consider?? And just any tips on where to put more research?? Is this project too complicated??

Anything helps! Thanks