Using Ecobee with Smartthings Automations

So I just installed an Ecobee. What do I use to set up automations? Do I program the Ecobee using their app? Or do I use the Smartthings automations? A little confused here.

You can do either or both, depending on exactly what you want to do. :sunglasses:

People generally start by setting up the ecobee in its own app. Then if you have specific use cases where you want to tie it into your other SmartThings devices, you just add those automations one at a time as needed.

Many people, myself included, have an Ecobee for years, like it, and never set up a single ST automation for it, but do like seeing its status tile show up with their other devices on whatever dashboard/control panel they use. :hotsprings:

Others, particularly those with automated air vents, may have ST automations that run several times a day. :wind_face: So it just varies.


Agree with @JDRoberts. I have Honeywell thermostats, but the same concepts applies. I use the Honeywell app primarily to adjust temperature, etc. However, I do have them integrated into ST so that I can display the t-stat on my panels. I also have it coded to set the thermostat back when my presence changes to away and resume when I return. (Well, when presence was working, that is . . )

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Thanks. I think I can get done what I need with just using the ecobee app

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