Best thermostat for smarthing

I’m wondering which thermostat to use with ST. I like the Honeywell T9 but I am not sure how it is integrate on ST. I am looking a device where I can do everything in ST apps

An additional question you may want to consider; do you want to run custom code or just simply integrate?
An example: ecobee are great thermostats, but lack function with the official integration. You can pay for additional code and features. I set mine up in Home Assistant to gain functions and avoid paying a fee.

I will prefer directly integrate.

What do you mean by you can pay for additional code and feature? from who ecobee?

There are developers here in the community that offer custom device handlers to unlock more features.
The official integration requires just your ecobee login. Some additional features require you enroll as a developer with ecobee to gain more function. This is how it works in Home Assistant.
An item you can unlock is fan run time, which allows you to pick how often the fan should run even if the HVAC system is idle. There are other apps to do this within SmartThings, but require more of that custom premium code.

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I have a Honeywell T5 and it works fine with the Honeywell Home - Smartthings Integration. No custom code is needed.
For manual control and scheduling I generally use the Honeywell app, but I use the SmartThings app for advanced Automations.

Can we mange the control and the scheduling from ST or we need to go to Honeywell apps?
Can we add some automation like when the AC is running start my celling fan

Use need to do the basic setting and scheduling from the Honeywell Home App.
When you change the temperature in Smarthings you only get a temporary temperature hold until the next cycle begins.
You can change the thermostat modes (Cool, Heat & Off) from Smartthings.
Smartthings instantly updates Honeywell Home, but Honeywell Home is slow in updating Smartthings.
Automation triggers in Smartthings include (Room Temperature, Cooling temperature, Fan Mode [on, auto or circulate], Heating temperature, and Mode [heat, cool or off]).
I have NOT tried an automation like when the AC is running start a celling fan, so I CAN’T say if it will work. If it works there will likely be a delay since Honeywell Home is slow in updating Smartthings which might make it useless.
You can use Smartthing to put the thermostat in the off mode if a door is left open