Ecobee3 - ST or native scheduling?

Hi - new to ST and Ecobee3.

Should I use Ecobee3 to schedule sleep, wake, away, etc, or use ST?

The reason I ask is related to the smart aspects of Ecobee3.I understand that it will work out when to turn on based on historical heat up times, will average the temperature across multiple sensors, etc.

Will this all happen if I schedule from ST? Seems like this would be the most efficient way to program it ie: use the ST modes to control the Ecobee3.

What are others using? Will programming in ST still allow Ecobee3 to do its magic?

Lots of different ways to go about this. I will tell you what works best for me.

I use Rule Machine to trigger my HVAC modes but it can be done through several different apps.

More importantly is when to use “indefinite” vs. “next transition”.

When away I use indefinite as i want the thermostat to remain in away mode until I come back.

For both home and sleep modes I use next transition and feel this setup works best for me living as a bachelor.


So, from this, looks like using ST is your preferred method (and you don’t use Ecobee3 modes)? is that right? Does this still allow “smart heat” to work?

The stat works best if you set up all the scheduling and features as if you have no automation. “Follow Me” and Smart recovery etc. work well all by themselves. I program pretty much from the full web interface at (the app is limited).

Use automation to toggle modes…this works a lot better. If ST is having platform issues, your stats should continue to do their thing. I’ve got nine Ecobee3 stats, automated in Vera, but my home setup is all ST. You’ll also have fewer issues with 3rd party automation if you only use the built-in sleep, home and away modes on the stats.

So far the best integration has been our security system. Tenants/staff toggle Ecobee3 modes when they arm, or disarm zones in the building. I also use the Ecobee temp readings to trigger HRV “Free” cooling with a few rules.

Read my post here as it will take a lot of frustration out of the Ecobee3 smart features:

Drew’s comments on “indefinite” and “nextTransition” holds apply to the fan, home/away/sleep modes, and temp changes when done via the web API. The Vera plugin is just adding this option (so you can choose) but remember that the thermostat behavior (you can program different hold types) for changes, has no effect on holds done through the web API (automation). Those tips will save you a lot of time :slight_smile:

Smart recovery will be in effect as long as you have it set on the stat itself. You can use the data logging features at to check on runtime and smartrecovery etc. which takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation.

It still uses Ecobee’s modes I just use an app inside of ST to trigger the modes.

Away is triggered by my presence leaving ( in ST) and stays that way until my arrival is triggered (also in ST)…that’s “indefinite”. It does not change until I tell it to change.

Sleep and Home both are triggered by either my arrival in ST or from Ecobee schedule depending the parameters I set in the ST app…that’s “next transition”. It changes either when I tell it or by the next transition in my Ecobee schedule.

Inefinite = permanent / until you change
Next transition = non-permanent / until next thermo schedule change

EDIT: I probably should have more simply said I use a mixture of both schedules / platforms. If ST were to fail Ecobee’s schedule will just resume unless I am away.

I use the native Ecobee App for all my scheduling of my HVAC and it’s been 100%…I’ve been burned too many times with the ST Scheduler, flaky presence modes, sunset and sunrise issues, OAuth token renew issues, you name it … Just my two cents on trusting such a sensitive system to the current state of ST, especially after reading the narrow “Terms of Use” for what their lawyers recommend we use ST for…

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I use the Ecobee3 for home and sleep only. I trigger away using an ST app. If I am off work (like today), the heat does not setback because it knows that I’m home. I’ve been doing it this way for a year.

I did try using the away mode on the thermostat, but with varied schedules, I felt like I was always fighting it.

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Thanks everyone. Great info.

Simple question… How do you change Ecobee3 modes from ST? Which app?

I use rule machine but Styker’s Ecobee3 app can do this for you and is easier to understand for most.

i use the native ecobee Schedules but rely on ST to put the device in “Away” mode when we leave. better than waiting for 2 hours for the ecobee to sense we are away…

Devesh - thanks. Is this as simple as setting ST to “away”, and then Ecobee also reflects this mode? or do you use an application?

Just checked, I was using an older copy of @yracine’s device type for my ecobee and his smartapps when he was offering them for free to the community last year.

the official app does not have the option to set thermostat to away and you may have to use IFTTT or the Geo location settings if you have the newer ecobee 3 /Homekit or get one of the 3rd party apps…

I just use ecobee3 naively.

Hi @BatraD, @boltor

Most of my smartapps are still available at my github (amongst others: ecobeeChangeMode, ecobeeResumeProg, and many others):

And, I ask for a modest contribution for MyEcobee device due to the efforts required to develop & test it.

It’s the most comprehensive ecobee device implementation, see all features below:


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