Ask Google home to turn off light after x min

I use Google home all the time to control my lights but wanted to know if it’s possible to some how say " ok Google turn off living room light in 10 min" for example! And have the specified light turn off after said timer or anything similar to this?
This would be amazing if possible.

I use SmartThings smart lighting tied to a virtual switch. Tell Google home to turn on X virtual switch then set a routine to turn off A, B, and C light after 10 min using the power allowance. Also have a power allowance set on the virtual switch to reset it. Could probably get fancier using Core but I did this before I got into Core.

Try this out. I don’t personally use it but I have read people use it and like it.

Not trying to be rude or ugly in any way here, so please don’t take it that way. But, if you’re not too heavily invested in Google home you might want to give Alexa a try.

I use the smartapp EchoSistant and it can do exactly what you are asking. Except, there is no programming to do, it’s all built in, and you can choose the time you want each time.

Sho, instead of programming a virtual switch or a smarts to turn off a light after a predetermined amount of time… You just say,

Alexa, turn off the lights in the bathroom in 12th minutes
Alexa, tell home to turn off the corner light is 53 minutes.

Actually I’m very much vested in Google home, have 3 of them and YouTube red and all the other bells and wistles.
I honestly wish Google home was that easy to use as you described Alexa.
Thank you for letting me know about that.

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