Automate using gps, certain time, turn on then auto turn off

I’m new to smartthings, just got the hub.

How do i set a rule to say that when i return home, after sunset ( 6pm for example) to turn on the outdoor lighting and entrance light, for 15 minutes and then turn off ?

I know this is simple, but not too sure. still learning.

I have not done anything to the hub other than assign all the switches to it.


I’m tired, so someone else will have to help you with the details, but see the following post (this is a clickable link).

There are many different ways to do it. If you always want the light to go off after the same amount of time, just use the power allowance feature in smart lighting.

If you want it to sometimes go off after 15 minutes but at other times stay on for longer, you’ll need to use one of the more complex options in the post.

So as with many use cases, smart things is very powerful, there are multiple ways to solve the same problem, but none of the solutions are intuitive.

Thanks so much! Spent some time, and figured it out using your links.

Created a virtual switch and 2 other automations so that when presence of me, it turns on the virtual switch and the power switch auto turns off that switch after 15 min.

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