Using a switch with non-standard wiring?

Many of the light switches in my house have the wire running to the fixture first and then the switch to complete the loop. I say this as at the switch I only see ground, black, white and they are all coming from the same sheathing. This means when I go to hook up a GE z wave switch, the bulb never turns off and will have flicker issues.

This is on the old part of my house. On the new part of my house you see two black wires and a ground going to each switch.

Is there a way to use GE z wave switches (or another brand) and have them work properly with my wiring?

Or should I skip replacing my switches and just replace the bulbs?

You can use micro relays. These devices are installed in the light box (where a neutral is present) and have auxillary connections that go to your switches. This allows the switches to still be functional.

Main Z-Wave relay brands are Aeon Labs, Aeotec, Enerwave, Fibaro and Vision.

SmartenIT makes a ZigBee relay but those are a little pricey.

Of course smart bulbs work well. The main downside is that the switch becomes unusable.

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I’ve ordered a “Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Dimmer, 2nd edition” to try it out. Thank you both very much for your time.