Using a LED Desk Lamp with multiple settings with a SmartPlug?

I have a TeoTronics LED Desk Lamp that has four different settings that you can also dim and increase brightness. I typically have it set to the same setting all of the time.

I purchased a Samsung SmartPlug to use with it. I have the SmartPlug paired with my hub, I can turn the plug on and off with the SmartThings App. If I plug in the Smart Plug, plug in the lamp, turn on the SmartPlug with the App, and then turn on the lamp with the swtich on the lamp, I have light. I can then turn the light off with the App, and the lamp still shows power, but when I turn the plug back on with the app, nothing happens. I can hear the switch turn on, but the lamp itself doesn’t respond.

Is this a known issue?

I am a newbie, so I am still in learning mode.

What’s the model number for the desk lamp? It really just comes down to how the specific light handles a power outage.

You can test this for yourself. Set the smart plug aside for now and for this test just use the dumb light itself.

Have the light at your regular settings, then just take the plug out of the wall. Then plug it back into the wall outlet.

If restoring the power means the light comes on at the settings that you want, you’re all set, and it should work fine with a smart pocket socket. (We use “pocket socket” to mean a plug-in module, just so it’s clear when we are talking about the outlet and when we are talking about the module.)

If restoring the power means the light comes on at full brightness, or doesn’t come on at all, or comes on at some other default setting, then the smart plug is not going to be able to give you the results you want.

This doesn’t have anything to do with smartthings: it just has to do with how that particular manufacturer has decided to handle a power outage. Some will restore to their last setting, some will restore to off, some will restore to full on. You just have to check model by model and then find a model that will give you the results you want.


Thanks, much. Short, sweet and simple.

When I have the light on and unplug it and then plug it back in i have no light. Reacting just the same as the SmartPlug.

I wish this would have worked the way i wanted it, but you have provided a simple test that I can use on other devices, so thanks for your quick response!

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