How do I use a GE 45633 Remote with my smart things network

I have read that it needs to be added to the network. How is that done? Do I simply start the app on my iPhone then with as much force as possible slam the two together? The manual simply says:

The Z-Wave network supports multiple
controllers so residents can use additional Z-Wave remotes
throughout the home. A secondary controller cannot be used to
add or delete devices.

This implies that yes it will work.

Okay, instead of saying yes it works just do it, please tell me step by step what to do or give me a link to instructions.

In the 45633 manual there is no section about using as a secondary controller or a section about adding to an existing network, nothing!

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Okay, I got it to work. I’m not sure how. I did go to setup - transfer - receive on the 45633 while in the “Add a thing” Screen. It popped up on the screen and I was easily able to continue from there. Once it was added as stated in another thread I was able to follow the procedure to setup a light on the 45633:“Light setup” - “Add” - “to a Key”(see page 11 of the 45633 manual). I’m not sure how close the remote was from the hub. Also if the app was in the “add a thing” screen I seemed to have problem adding the light. I wish I could nail down a specific procedure for what I did to get these two to work on the same light, but alas I cannot. So, if you are as frustrated as I was, I feel your pain. Step one is adding the 45633 in “Add a Thing” in the SmartThings app. Putting the 45633 in the Transfer receive mode might help and staying near the hub might not hurt either. Good luck…

My batteries I guess went dead, now I am at the beginning again. Do I delete the Controller? Adding a light doesn’t seem to work. Is there any manual out there that simply explains how all this stuff is supposed to work? When your batteries die, no lights. End of story. Internet is down, trip over something because there is no way to turn the lights on.

I have one of the older 4 button GE 45631 remotes and it will retain the network settings when the battery dies; I didn’t need to re-do anything when I replaced its battery. I believe the 45633 will as well; at least the documentation says so (but it has a clock that needs to be reset). It should control everything it previously controlled before the battery failed without doing anything else, assuming you didn’t change your Z-Wave devices after you set it up. But if you now want it to control a Z-Wave device that was added to your network after you initially set up the 45633, I think you need to transfer the network settings again. You might just need to repeat the initial procedure that you used to install it the first time. You shouldn’t need to re-program any of the existing button setups (I think).

Once the transfer setting has been done, you don’t need to be in ‘add device’ mode in ST to associate a Z-Wave switch or light to one of the 45631’s buttons; those steps are done just on the remote.

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I didn’t change anything, nor did I even remember how. I don’t know why it stopped working. Anyway, I called tech support. Eventually I forced it’s removal from SmartThings then re-added the remote. It wasn’t easy, I’m not sure what I did to get it to recognize it again. The tech support guy was very patient, but he could only offer moral support. I tried many times to get it paired. It is working fine now. I’m still really confused by the whole process and I dread trying to repeat it.