Using a Fire HD 8 as an Alexa device

I recently purchased an Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet to use with Action Tiles. Alexa responds to my questions but I have yet to find a tutorial specific to the Fire HD tablet showing how to integrate it with a Smart Things setup. My question is this : can I use this Fire HD 8 to control my Smart Things or do I need an actual Amazon device like a Dot or Show or Amazon Alexa? I already have several Google devices and a Samsung v2 hub which I use to control my things.

Thank you

A FireHD in Alexa Hands Free Mode is very similar to and responds practically identical to a Show. No reason you can’t use it.


yes, you can use it for smartthings integration as stated above, It also works nicely for action tiles also.


Thank you both for the reply. Now I know it can be done. Something I am missing is not allowing the integration to occur.

How far do you get?

What configuration have you tested exactly?

In the Alexa app I select Smart Home then add device. I get a message briefly that Alexa is discovering devices then a red bar appears at the top and says Discovery failed. If I go to the bottom of the screen where it says Your smart home skills it says enable smart home skills and then when I select SmartThings I get a white screen and that is it.

Ok you’re having basic Alexa integration issues then. Have you tried enabling integration using your phone or a PC on the Alexa website instead? These are account wide settings and don’t have to be done on that device. Once you get ST working with Alexa all of your Alexa devices will pick up the settings…

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I don’t understand what you meant by the Alexa website. Excuse my ignorance. I tried setting it up in my iPhone 6s and my 9.7” 2018 iPad and got the same results.

To clarify, I do not have an Alexa device like an Exho or Show.

I do appreciate any assistance you can offer this old man.

The Alexa website is you should be able to setup the SmartThings skill there. If it still blows up when you try that you’ll need to contact Amazon support.

And yes you do a fire tablet in hands free mode is an Alexa device too. :slight_smile:

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The white screen thing shouldn’t be happening across devices. Follow the instructions below. Once the Alexa App is installed then goto SmartApps in the ST App and enable the devices you want Alexa to control. From there, ANY Alexa enabled device associated with your account will control your ST devices. Even your phone using the Alexa App.


If fully kiosk is running, will Alexa work in the background and be “listening” for commands?


It may also bring up answers / other Apps and thus hide Fully / ActionTiles.

Not sure the impact of Fully Kiosk “lock down” settings on this - but I suspect Fully has limited ability to override FireOS behavior.