Using 625alex web dashboard on cheap tablet mounted on wall

I was able to fumble my way though getting 625alex web dashboard to work for me. I found this and thought, this would be cool hanging on the wall. Toshiba tablet for only $99.

I will wire in a ressesed outlet above a existing light switch for power and some how mount to the wall. I know I saw a pic of someone on here mounting an android tablet on a wall witha frame, hope to do the same thing.

Any thing you all think I need to worry about? I was also going to add in my security cameras, alarm system with eyeon to the tablet.

why windows tablet is better than android or older-cheaper ipad’s ?

Doing that myself, Although with an android tablet

Even Canadian Bestbuy has some Android tablets starting at $60.

With some additional Android apps and Tasker, it might be a better setup than W8 tablet.
@florianz describes everything in detail:

This was my mount of a cheapo tablet in a frame. Its just a cheap picture frame from Kohl’s. I mounted it to the back of the frame with 3M velcro strips (for easy removal if necessary) and put some hard foam in place to space it out.

syber, VERY nice!
My cameras are on a dvr with ip access. The android app is not the greatest, everytime you pull up the app you have to do 3 clicks to get each camera up, thats a lot with 12 cameras! The apple app was better. Windows all camera pop up after log in. I also have 3 indoor cameras (foscam) PTZ, all this was before I got into the smartthings things… So that is one reason for windows. Other than that really no reason for android over windows for me.

Thanks for posting! I am in search of a cheap tablet (tons of options out there) and Im too leaning toward windows, much like the one posted by the OP… it looks like the cheap windows tablets tend to have better looks and quality screens, plus I know I can run Dropcam feed in ActioON4 due to Flash support.

brianjhagopian can you share your experience with more details? It has been a while since your post, I hope you can share…


jefo13. I used my little tab for a while then got side tracked. Things I liked about it. Could bring up my 8 camera and 4 camera dvr in web pages and let it run. Could bring up my foscams and let them run all in back round. The dashboard was really cool. Central area to control or look up stuff. I could also use the HD in the tab as a server to save the foscam burst photos on alarm. Things that (not dislike but kinda bothered me) I have now added 31 things and am increasing every month. a 7" screen is a little to small, gets way to busy on screen and had to scroll. Also for christmas my wife bought me a chrome book 11" screen. I love it it and have actually started to think about framing the chrome book open with the keyboard and all. I guess there are draw backs of everything but I did like the window environment because i could do more than the android and windows worked, android is quirky. So i have stopped that project for now until my ST expansion slows down a little. Now I am working on X-10 control through ST and insteon hub.

Thanks for the reply, I can see how easily we can add to home automation, every month I’m adding something new. I need the dashboard for just essential things not all my items through… major switches etc… right now the biggest pain will be powering the tablet, di you have to put an outlet behind the wall?

I did put an outlet in the wall. If you have a light switch or outlet near you can get power from that box and run it to an added box for the tablet. I used to do this type of work while in HS and college so I am versed in it. Any electrician should be able to.

Bumping an old topic, and someone smack me if there is something more relevant around. But using the Dragon Touch Y88X, I was planning on wall mounting it using its back plate…

This video shows how to remove the back case… I’d plan to just drill the back plate to the wall with flat screws (+ electric tape to prevent contact with tablet electronic components)… Then hey! flush mounted tablet.

I’ll keep you updated with progress

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@brianjhagopian I did a very similar thing using an older 10.1in Lenovo ThinkPad tablet running Windows 10 as well. The multi-tasking on Windows is superior and when using security camera NVR/DVR is a great example of it. I used these Dockem mounting brackets which worked fine instead of building a custom frame. I used Chrome as the browser for SmartTiles because I could set it to zoom the full page size as well as get rid of all the URL address bar, etc to give it a clean look. The Internet Explorer was used to enable the remote access into my security camera NVR system.

However I really like the way @scyber method came out though! scyber did you just remove the glass and what exactly are you using for the white border around the tablet?

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