Using 2 ADT Security hubs in one home

I am just moving to the new ADT connected hub, although I will not use the monitoring system. I am getting rid of my legacy ADT system and replacing all of the security sensors for this new Smartthings hub.

I know that my existing GE switches can only connect to one hub but I also know that my Wemo switches can connect to both my existing hub and this new one. Does that work with the new ADT specific sensors as well? I would like to have a second ADT hub in the Master Bedroom just for the security system, not the other stuff, all of which will be connected to the main hub on the main floor.

Any thoughts? Thanks so much!


The adt/st combo sensors can only connect to one adt hub.

Thanks for the answer. That is a shame but they have key fobs which can be kept in the bedroom, I guess.