User login API in SmartThings API

Hi, everyone

I’m wondering if SmartThings API have any plan to support a API which can do login to get tokens like PAT or the API already exist.

I could see APIs LOCATIONS, AUTOMATIONS, DEVICES but I couldn’t see APIs to login to get temporal credential like access token, refresh token.

I’m knowing that only a way to access LOCATIONS, AUTOMATIONS, DEVICES is to call them with PAT which PAT can be generated by user’s manual action via webpage.

I’m designing the “cloud to cloud integration”, if my cloud and app wants to control customer’s SmartThings device then I have to know their PAT. I think the way I only know is hard to get a token as input to our platform after customer’s manually action, so I’d like to know their existence or non existence.

Control flows I want
My app → My cloud → SmartThings cloud → SmartThings device
My app → SmartThings cloud → SmartThings device

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Yes, currently, the only way is using a PAT.
The OAuth integration allows you to generate dynamic Access Tokens but you must belong to an Organization to have access to it. Also, it isn’t currently available for new requests as the engineering team is working on some improvements.

Thanks for your answer, @nayelyz

I will use PAT till before the engineering team provide it.