Use LIFX lights while on vacation to simulate a TV being on inside

I’m curious to see if someone would be interested in creating a routine or something that would allow a LIFX bulb (or similar) to somewhat randomly change colors to make it look inside the house like a TV is on. This could then be added to a larger routine to run while on vacation to make it look like the house is occupied more than just a simple white bulb on a timer. I’m thinking having the routine change the bulb’s color every couple of seconds or so, like a TV show changing shots/scenes but stay within a range of colors that a TV screen might produce (kinda like staying mostly in pastels instead of going to pure red, green or blue, or something). Any ideas?

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I was only thinking the same thing. I’m coding an app to automatically run a schedule to simulate people being at home, and thought it would be cool is my Lifx could be made to look like a tv.

I’d say it’s not in my MVP but will think about how it might be done once I have got the initial bits working.