[RELEASE] Holidaze - Smart outdoor holiday lighting

Edit: Here’s a demo of this app in action.

This is a work in progress, but I wanted to share what I’ve got. :slight_smile:

I picked up some OSRAM RGBW bulbs for the front of my house. The idea is that we would like to be able to apply color themes for seasons or events - Halloween, Christmas, Light It Up Blue for autism, etc. Maybe favorite sports teams? (I wouldn’t know, I don’t follow sportsball. :wink: ) But what about when the pizza guy rolls up and rings the doorbell? Wouldn’t it be nice to temporarily switch the pretty colors to a warm white so he can see?

So here’s what it does:

I actually have my front lights on a physical automated switch anyway. Let’s call that POWER. Let’s start by assuming POWER is always on.

I’ve added a virtual switch to represent when I DON’T want colors, I want warm white light (to light the porch for visitors, for example). Let’s call the virtual switch LIGHTING.

  1. Create a virtual switch in the IDE. (I will eventually automate this in code, but for now, this is a manual step)
  2. Install the app. On installation of the app, you select the RGBW bulbs, the physical switch (POWER), and the virtual switch (LIGHTING) in the settings.
  3. Make sure POWER is on and LIGHTING is off.
  4. Manually set the colors/levels of your bulbs for the holiday/event/team/etc.
  5. Turn LIGHTING on. Note the bulbs all switched to warm white (2700K).
  6. Now turn LIGHTING off. They should have switched back to where they were.
  7. If POWER is turned off, LIGHTING is switched off as well. when it is turned back on, there is a 5 second wait (to allow the bulbs to connect) and then they will be restored to the colors/levels you selected.
  8. If LIGHTING is turned on while POWER is turned off, POWER will be switched on. It will be switched back off when LIGHTING is switched off.

Okay, still with me?

I’ve set up rules/automations so things like ringing the doorbell or opening the front door will switch on LIGHTING, providing nice warm white light on my porch and driveway. Then when LIGHTING is turned off (also by rules and automations), the bulbs go back to whatever state they were in before (either off because POWER was off, or whatever colors I had configured).

Like I said, it’s in an early phase, but it’s functional! Enjoy!


Pretty slick! I’ll have to give this a go if I ever get around to actually putting lights out front of my house.