Integrating Hue with LIFX?


I currently have an all Hue household but need a lightstrip ASAP for added brightness before my wife ends my life.

I ordered a Hue lightstrip plus 3 weeks ago during the black friday sales but Philips hasn’t done anything but charge my card and been unable to provide any estimates for shipping or even return a phone call, let alone provide me with a way to cancel my order.

I noticed the new LIFX Z light strips also seem really bright and do multiple zones, which is cool. I’m just wondering about ST controlled LIFX integrating with a Hue setup. I have a motion sensor in the living room which triggers the hue lights and I’m wondering about the latency and color reproduction - does anyone have both sets and can answer these questions:

1.) Will triggering Hue lights and LIFX lights come on <2 seconds apart?
2.) Is color matching easy to do between different light manufacturers?
3.) Are there apps such as circadian daylight which are Hue exclusives that LIFX owners commonly complain about missing out on?
4.) Are scenes easily done with the ST app between both companies? Or can I program a Hue Dimmer to send commands back up to ST to set Hue scenes AND LIFX scenes

Thanks in advance!

  1. Yes, assuming all the clouds are happy.
  2. Nope.
  3. I use Gentle Wake Up with my Hues, the colors are off on LiFX
  4. I have not tried to control native scenes for either Hue or LiFX from ST. I would imaging IFTTT would be usable for that.

Thanks for the reply – I thought I wasn’t going to get any :slight_smile:

Does [quote=“bazfum, post:2, topic:67803”] Yes, assuming all the clouds are happy. [/quote] mean that you frequently experience issues with your setups? I imagine introducing more clouds does increase the probability of errors. Daft of me not to think about/consider that.

The main issue I run into is the LiFX bulb losing it’s cloud connectivity and needing a reboot. It is a first-gen bulb though. I don’t have any newer ones. If I was bothered to mess with it any I’d probably keep each room Hue-only or LiFX only so I don’t have to worry about color matching, at least until/unless ST gets around to doing colorspace mapping properly.

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Sounds like you’ve helped me make my decision then.

Thank you!

Have all Hue with two pesky LIFX’s (1st and 2nd gen) and the LIFX constantly failed, were out of sync etc. The best app I found to control both was OnSwitch but even with that I eventually retired the LIFX and now enjoy single-fleet lighting which is SO much better. Lesson is: Plan your automation standards before you start accumulating expensive nodes.

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