Use Google Home Speakers as Smartthings Audio Notification Speakers

how ?

First - in Smarthings connect to Google Home assistant under: menu,voice assistant, “Google”.
Second - in Google Home app:
-Create a new routine - Household
-Add Starter
-Select “when a device does something”
-Select a suitable device - you should see all your “smart” devices listed.
-Select device action - “on or off” and then save with “add starter”
-Add Action
-Select “communicate and announce”
-Select “make an annoucement”
-Select “annouce to household” and select devices
-Enter “your message”
-Select check mark top right corner to save
-Select “Done”
-Change the routine name from “untitled” to something appropriate.

Finally - annoy your spouse with your “cleverness”.


thanks works great but for some reaason no motion sensors or contact sensors show up in google home (strange)

Not a problem…
Create a virtual switch that responds to your motion sensor and select the virtual switch in your Google routine.
I have a motion sensor in my outdoor mailbox that triggers when opened.
I created a virtual switch that is turned on by the “active motion sensor”
This virtual switch will then be used in Google routine - when switched on - run announce…
Wife hates it but that ok…

Be sure to use the new Edge version for creation or it will not be supported in the future:


thanks will give it a try

@hgamblin this is awesome, thanks for posting this. It looks like Google Home Routines can now use switches, buttons, and Thermostat Modes for the Google Routines ‘Starter’ device feature.

For anyone interested in this topic, I have an Edge driver for Google Cast devices (Google Cast V0.1), which allows you to play notifications on any Google Cast device, including the Nest Mini, which was selling for pretty cheap over the holidays.

My personal opinion is that Amazon Alexa is a superior voice assistant and platform, but for a cheap announcement speaker, the Google Nest Mini is hard to beat.


Cool, watching for something like this.
Can you explain me please how will i find cast web api host adress?

Great! I’ve installed the driver but obviously can’t get it to work . I’ll wait a topic. Thank you!

@vasilievflorin @pilone

I left out a key point, and that is my Google Cast driver requires something called cast-web-api to be running on a LAN computer. I know this is a showstopper for many, so I apologize for not mentioning it in my post above!

My driver is basically an Edge implementation of an earlier Groovy-based solution that was also built on cast-web-api and gave those users a way forward on the new platform.

cast-web-api takes care of the actual communications to the Google Cast devices, which is not a particularly simple or well-documented interface, and not something I wanted to try and reproduce in an Edge driver right now.

But if you have a spare Raspberry Pi or similar, it’s not too much trouble to get installed and running.


I thought it was an easy way to integrate Google cast into Smartthings. i have already installed nodered in a raspberry and already got google talking in some routines using your web requestor multi driver, but i’m trying to retire it because having a device always on for just this annoys me. Thank you in any case for your superb work for advanced users and also for your patience with poor users like me.


do you think it will work on an old Synology NAS DS214? I can’t find much info on the net, but if someone tells me it might work, I might try :face_with_peeking_eye:

Thank you a lot! Unfortunately i don’t have a Raspberry Pi and for now, i will wait other alternatives (when they will be) :slight_smile:

Hi @TAustin could you please assist me in install this driver on a Raspberry PI? Thanks