Use Google Home Speakers as Smartthings Audio Notification Speakers

I tried to watch, but I was lost within minutes. Thanks for the offer to help, but I was lost at the beginning.

It’s really pretty incredible that there is no inexpensive, easy-to-integrate solution for audio notification speakers. Many of us have had to cobble something together ourselves. Mine happens to be a Raspberry Pi connected to some powered speakers which is now implemented as an Edge device. I’m actually contemplating putting together some kind of package that I could sell to the community to solve this problem. The trick is finding a decent-quality single, powered speaker that could be paired with a tiny and cheap Raspberry Pi Zero. This would give you a wireless speaker device running locally with no lag. For TTS, right now I use IBM’s Watson for it’s super high quality and and I cache the audio files locally so it only has to go to the cloud when you request a new phrase that hasn’t already been generated before. So most of the time it all runs 100% local with instant response thanks to the new Edge integration. My vision would be to have a $30 small, integrated box you just plug into an outlet wherever you need it and it would be discovered and fully integrated with SmartThings. Certainly not high fidelity for music, but good enough for audio notifications.

I’m just not sure how big of an interest there would be for something like this. For anyone curious, I got one of these tiny speaker modules for RPI from Adafruit and will be experimenting with it to see if they would be powerful enough for a solution like this.


The solution WAS the Galaxy home mini, which seems to be cancelled, but I still have five of them and they work fine for this exact use case (plus integration of certain IR devices)

If you can find one, just buy that /shrug

It’s as simple as making an automation and selecting the home mini, then you can enter your announcement in English or Korean.

My Echo devices respond pretty quick to Alexa Routines…Almost instant. I was using LANouncer which was pretty darn good when paired with a tablet connected to dumb speaker. Actually, that worked really really good. Then came EchoSpeaks which was absolutely AMAZING!!!

Since device count in ST is limited, I had to delete alot of my (non essential) Virtual Devices which cut out alot of the chatter on the various speakers throughout the house. TBH, Alexa was speaking way too much around here and it annoyed more people than it helped. :rofl: