Use ecobee temperature to control Wemo switch window AC

I’m trying to use my ecobee 3 temperature to trigger an external AC using a Wemo switch. Right now I’ve been trying Virtual Thermostat and/or IFTTT recipes. I’m trying to get the AC to power on at a certain temp (77) and off at a lower temp (75).

Right now using Virtual Thermostat, the poll time seems way to high, meaning the temp could be in range but not turn on the AC for an hour if it misses the poll to my thermostat.

Using IFTTT I’m not sure how often it polls, but it seems like that’s too spaced out to work well either.

I’m curious if anyone has a similar setup, and if so, what you are using? Ideally I just want something with a shorter poll interval - say 15 minutes - so that the switch triggers more frequently according to the temp from the ecobee.

Many thanks.

I’m doing something that I think is similar. I’m using the ecobee 3 humidity to trigger a couple of Wemo’s. I created a dehumidifier app that subscribes to the humidity sensor (any will do, but using ecobee 3) and triggers the Wemo’s (with dehumidifiers attached) - it also turns the HVAC fan on to circulate the air if desired. It subscribes to the appropriate data (responds right away). It also checks periodically (currently 30 minutes), but configurable.

Sounds cool. Would the app work for what I’m trying to do? Would love to check it out.

Just bumping here, @bago, hoping I can check out your app to see if it will work for my use case. Thanks!