Ecobee thermostats and IFTTT integration

For those of you who are interested in ecobee thermostats (ecobee3, smart, smart-SI), I’m actually testing the ecobee-IFTTT integration that should be available soon.

Amongst the IFTTT recipes available are:

  • Get a notification for ecobee transitions to Smart Home or Away (for ecobee3 only)

  • Create a vacation on your ecobee based on entries in your Google Calendar

  • Switch your home the ‘Home’ Comfort Profile when you approach your home

  • Get a notification when Indoor temperature is too low at your home.

  • Use your Ecobee Thermostat to Trigger a dehumidifier.

  • When I wake up set my ecobee to a comfortable temp

Of course, you can create other recipes based on the other IFTTT channels available (ex. SmartThings).

This IFTTT integration will also work with My ecobee device at



I was just looking into this and I was curious if there was a way, via IFTTT, to turn the fan on when the temperature difference between active sensors was greater than say 3 degrees? I thought this might make more sense then just kicking on the fan for X minutes every hour.

Not via IFTTT, this specific use case would require custom development within SmartThings.

Bye for now.

One of the things I’d like to see fixed is the ability create a vacation schedule that matches Google for date AND time. Right now you only set it for X number of days and cannot tell it to end at a specific time. I create entries that match my travel schedule for work, but I can’t automatically create a vacation schedule that matches.

@carmp3fan, I submitted your request to the proper channel at ecobee…I’m not actually developing the IFTTT channel integration per se, just testing it…

I am setting up Ecobee integration with Sherbit ( and wanted to see if anyone was interested in being part of the testing process. I am happy to provide early access to the app in exchange for your help. Email me at to discuss in more detail. Thanks!