Use Echo Speaks - Actions to create a daily Echo Alarm ONLY if we're home


I know that I can set up a daily wake up alarm directly in the Echo Show 5 that will run every day. But if we’re away, I don’t want the alarm running for an hour each day that were 're away. I also know that I can shut the repeating alarm off right in the Alexa app - but that assumes I’ll remember to do that.

So, I’m trying to use Echo Speaks Actions to automate a daily run at say 03:00 and set up a one-time 07:30 Alarm for that same day on the Echo Show 5 in my bedroom - but only when were home. I seem to be able to get almost all the way there but I keep getting hung up in the Execution Config area where it asks me for a date - which doesn’t make sense to me. I want it to run every day once it’s established.

So, I’m somewhat confused. Can I do what I’m trying to do in Echo Speaks Actions? Or should I try to do this in webCoRE?


Not sure about actions, but you can definitely do it in webcore.

I figured out why Echo Speaks Actions is asking for a date. Not enough coffee yesterday I guess.

Since I am trying to setup a one-time alarm each morning - but only if we’re present on that day, Echo Speaks Actions would (of course) want a date to set up the alarm. If I could use a variable in place of today’s date, that’d work but I don’t think I can in Echo Speaks Actions.

Although I can use Echo Speaks Actions to create a repeating daily alarm, in my use case, it’s the opposite of what I need since I can use the existing, manually created, daily repeating alarm. And, as far as I can tell there’s no way to turn off or pause an existing repeating alarm.

So, unless anyone can tell me that I’m missing something, it appears I’ll have to work out a way to set up a one-time alarm for each day that we’re present, in webCoRE using createAlarm(…) - OR just remember to pause the existing daily alarm via the Alexa App.

have you found a solution ?

The solution is to just use WebCoRE.

Using webCoRE certainly works. Here’s what I ended up using:

However, after using this piston for a a few days, I discovered that although webCoRE and the above piston work perfectly well, Alexa did not always properly record the alarm. I also tried to think of ways have webCoRE check with Alexa to ensure the alarm was recorded properly, but I wasn’t able to do that. Therefore, I stopped using it because I couldn’t trust Alexa to properly record the alarm that was sent. It did it most of the time . Just not trustworthy enough to use it every time.

Also, see this discussion.

Ok, I’ll make some test, thank you …