Reminder that SHM is set?

I currently use SHM, SHM Delay, Echo Speaks, and BigTalker2. I have it announcing when the alarm is changed to it’s various stay, away, disabled options. What i can’t figure out how to do is get a “reminder” announcement. For example, if at 9am SHM is still set to away or stay and a presence sensor is active, I’d like to hear an announcement via the same echo speaks reminding me as such; “Hey dummy, your alarm is still set!”. I’m trying to reduce the number of times we set off the alarm simply by forgetting it’s set when we finally open the door late in the afternoon.

Not sure if you are a webCoRE user, but this could easily be accomplished that way.

I am not. Is “easily” relative to someone whose worked with webCoRE before vs someone whose never even looked at it? :slight_smile:

I will take a look and see what I can do. Thanks

Yes, after the initial webCoRE setup. The piston could be as simple or as complex as you like. I envision a simple one…

  Time happens daily at 09:00  
  IF  SHM is any of Away or Stay
      AND Presence_Sensor_1 is Present
    With Echo Speaker (any or all of them)
      Speak "The alarm system is still armed."
END Execute
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That worked perfectly, thank you! And holy cow, this webCoRE stuff is awesome!