Use Alexa Presence with SmartThings?

Sorry for bringing this topic back from the dead but I had a relevant question. Since Life360 sh*t the can, I have struggled to have my girlfriends pixel 7 work as a presence sensor. It may work once in a blue moon but generally doesn’t. I have gone in and played with her settings several times to no avail. I have given up on ST as a presence sensor for her. It just sucks. I have recently pivoted and have been trying to use her Alexa app (signed in to her account) as a presence sensor. I created a virtual switch in ST, which showed up in Alexa but I had to log in to my ST skill in her Alexa app for the routines / devices to show up. They did and I successfully set up a ST routine that used the virtual switch to mirror her presence and activate scenes. Fast forward a few days and I realize I am unable to control my ST devices via Alexa. I went into my app and found i had to reauthorize Smart Things skill in my app. I am guessing ST is only letting one users account be linked at a time.

Is there a work around for this or do I just to log in to my account on all her apps?

The Alexa ST skill can only be associated to a single Samsung account. Your each need your own Alexa account and ST account to make it work. When a single ST account is associated to two different Alexa accounts, one of them will become inactive after a period of time.

Read my writeup in this topic.


Alright, I will try to link her ST account to her Alexa account and see if the devices I have created then show up. I appreciate the information, fingers crossed.


That’s what we’re doing on our phones, one Android and one iOS.

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